Galangal Root


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Galangal root is used for several different magickal purposes. If worn or carried, Galanga helps to aid in psychic development, it attracts luck, and it helps to keep the wearer in good health. Putting this root in a sachet with silver helps to attract money. This herb, in powdered form, is burned to break ill wishes and to give strength to spells. Galangal root is also used to give courage, and strength. In ancient times, this herb was used as an aphrodisiac. This root is also effective in sex magick. Some say that sprinkling the powdered herb around the house will encourage sexual desire.
Gender: Masculine
Element: Fire
Planet: Mars
Powers: health, avoiding legal problems and help in court cases, hex breaking, lust, luck, drawing money, exorcism, psychic development, and assistance in contacting spirit guides.


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