Horehound can be used in protection sachets, it can also be sprinkled across doorways and windows to guard against evil spirits or mixed in a bowl with water and ash leaves to release a general healing energy.
Sacred to Horus. Protective; helps with mental clarity during ritual; stimulates creativity/inspiration; balances personal energies. Excellent for use in home blessings. Place near doorways to keep trouble away. The Egyptian Priests called this plant the ‘Seed of Horus,’ or the ‘Bull’s Blood,’ and the ‘Eye of the Star.’ It was a principal ingredient in the negro Caesar’s antidote for vegetable poisons. The Romans esteemed Horehound for its medicinal properties, and its Latin name of Marrubium is said to be derived from Maria urbs, an ancient town of Italy. Other authors derive its name from the Hebrew marrob(a bitter juice), and state that it was one of the bitter herbs which the Jews were ordered to take for the Feast of Passover.
Gender: Masculine
Planet:  Mercury
Element: Earth
Powers: Protection, Mental Powers, Exorcism, Healing


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