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Early herbalists and writers praised lemon balm for its medicinal and uplifting qualities. Eleventh century Persian physician and philosopher Avicenna was an early advocate for the use of lemon balm in treating depression. According to an old Arabian proverb, “Balm makes the heart merry and joyful.” Swiss physician and alchemist Paracelsus (1493-1541) believed that lemon balm was an “elixir of life” and would increase strength and lengthen life. It is considered the herb of Compassion. Lemon Balm is bound to the Moon and to Water.  It is used in rituals associated with healing, health, friendship, love, and success.  Historically, it is a symbolic plant used to transmit messages between lovers. Carry Lemon Balm in a charm or sachet to find love, or burn it as incense. Drink as a tea to ease emotional pain after the break-up of a relationship or other personal hurt.  Soak leaves in wine for several hours, strain, then share the wine with the object of your affection to influence love.
Gender: Feminine
Planet:  Moon
Element: Water
Powers: Love, Fertility, Anti-Depressant


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